Student Life


G. O.

G.O. is P.S.208K's student organization which promotes and organizes student activities. The G.O. organization promotes collective decision-making by students and helps them understand some basic principles of our nation's democratic system. 

Students will elect a President, Vice President and Secretary to represent them - They will be selected from Grade 5 classes.


Theme Days

Crazy Hat Day!

Twin Day!

Jersey Day!

Dress for Success Day!

St. Patrick's Day!

Look for these fun Theme Days and more during the school year.



The stage is an important classroom for our scholars.  The skills that develop from being onstage; speaking, dancing and performing in any capacity in front of a crowd, cannot be underestimated.
The winter and spring concerts provide that challenge. And families turn out in droves to support students in their wonderful moments in the spotlight.

Merit Badges

Cub Scouts 

P.S. 208k is once again partnering with Cub Scouts of America.